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Multilingual Squeak
Last updated at 12:57 pm UTC on 12 December 2015
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Squeak supports Unicode since version 3.8. Notes see below under the heading 2005.
Squeak uses a Unicode enabled String class. 8bit and 32 bit wide characters are dealt with transparently.


By the efforts of Yoshiki Ohshima Squeak supports from version 3.8 (base image) onwards the work with many languages (m17n package).

The page http://www.is.titech.ac.jp/~ohshima/squeak/squeak-multilingual-e.html contains an older latex2html'ed paper on the design and implementation. (to check how that paper still reflects the current design)

A little example: the image now contains 'MultiStrings' which have various encodings.

To write out a MultiStrings to UTF-8 now?

you have to use something like this

  f _ FileStream newFileNamed: 'foo.txt'.
  f converter: UTF8TextConverter new.  "This is not necessary as it is the default." 
  f nextPutAll: aString.
  f close.

Or simply,

  aString convertToWithConverter: UTF8TextConverter new.

(source: Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 13:39:28 -0800
From: Yoshiki Ohshima
Subject: Re: An attempt to support Czech language

Updated 24-Jan-05 hjh

Old stuff
See Multilingual Squeak version 3.6 - test report. The glitches reported here are fixed in the SqueakMap version.

Multilingual Squeak -- Translation HOWTO

Version for 3.6 (Oct 2003) see http://squeaklet.com:8080/m17n

Updated 24-Mar-03 hjh by using the information from Boris Gaertner
Update 1-JUL-03 MarcusDenker added Howto-link
Update 4-NOV-03 hjh Link to version for Squeak 3.6 added