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FAQ: Licenses
Last updated at 4:51 am UTC on 18 February 2017
License since Squeak 4.0 is MIT

From the Squeak 4.0 release notes:

Welcome to Squeak - a free, open Smalltalk system.
Squeak 4.0 is the pinnacle of several years of relicensing work. Though this version is functionally equivalent to Squeak 3.10.2, it is the first version of Squeak to be licensed fully under FOSS terms. Squeak 4.0 is licensed under MIT, with some original Apple parts remaining under the Apache 2.0 license.

The licensing effort was a major task. We'd like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for their support, and for their tireless work:

Jecel Assumpcao Jr.
Ken Causey
Bert Freudenberg
Matthew Fulmer
Dan Ingalls
Steve Jobs
Alan Kay
Craig Latta
Yoshiki Ohshima
Andreas Raab
Kim Rose
Tim Rowledge
Randal L. Schwartz
Igor Stasenko
Apple Inc.
Viewpoints Research Institute

Squeak 4.0 Release Team
Casey Ransberger
(With lots of help from the Squeak community.)

For the old license which governed squeak before see Squeak-L.