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Rob Vens
Last updated at 6:09 am UTC on 26 February 2003
As a secretary of the European Smalltalk Users Group I try to keep Smalltalk alive and growing in Europe, and especially the Netherlands, where by the way, the Dutch Smalltalk Users Group is in the process of being resurrected.
The web site can be found at: http://www.gosmalltalk.nl.

My special interests are in simulation and business modeling, for which I don't think a better tool than Smalltalk exists.
Especially what I call Business Centered Service Architectures, strongly related to what OMG calls Model Driven Architecture (MDA), have caught my interest. The component in this architecture called by me the Domain Component, and by MDA the Platform Independent Model PIM, is the part I think Smalltalk excels in implementing.

I am a consultant with CIBIT: http://www.cibit.nl.
You can find my personal home page at: http://www.sepher.nl.
Email me at: rob@sepher.nl.