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HOWTO Rescue a Swiki Installation

Ok, let's say you happen to have an installation of Swiki in an odd location on your Linux server, and maybe that Swiki isn't behaving as nicely as you would like. This is your chance to move your Swiki to a standard location, such as /usr/local/ComSwiki, and re-install the base Squeak/Swiki image so that you are operating from a known good package.

You are going to need either an Xterm console on your server or an X11 server on your Windows workstation to accomplish this task.

  1. Shutdown the current Swiki, either using the Squeak interface, or by using the kill commmand.
  2. Backup your current Swiki site for safety during the data move.
    • cd /usr/local/src
    • tar cvzf ComSwiki-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz ComSwiki
    • Where YYYYMMDD is the current day's date.
  3. Download the current Swiki tarball from this site (ComSwiki-linux.3.tar.gz) and extract it.
    • cd /usr/local
    • tar xvzf ComSwiki-linux.3.tar.gz
  4. If you are using an X11 server on your Windows workstation (such as Cygwin), set your DISPLAY environment.
    • DISPLAY=your_ip_address:0.0; export DISPLAY
  5. Start the new Swiki instance by hand to make sure it is running properly.
    • cd /usr/local/ComSwiki
    • ./squeak squeak.image
    • http://swikiserver
    • http://swikiserver/admin
    • If the Swiki is operating properly, shut it down using the Squeak interface "Save and Exit" option.
  6. Move your Swiki data directories to the new location. Do not move the default or refs directories.
    • mv /some_unusual_dir/ComSwiki/swiki/site_you_care_about /usr/local/ComSwiki/swiki
  7. Start up the new Swiki so you can interact with the Squeak interface.
    • It will take awhile for the Swiki site to come up – wait for it.
  8. Test access to your Swiki sites.
    • http://swikiserver
    • http://swikiserver/admin
    • http://swikiserver/site_you_care_about
  9. Shut down the new Swiki using the Squeak interface "Save and Exit" option.
  10. Install the RedHat Init Script Version 2.0 from the Enhancements page and use it to start the Swiki.

Your Swiki should be successfully migrated at this point. Yay!

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