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I am a 64 year old failure(No Degree; metalworker), trying to keep in the race.

Trying to decide which one comes first.
I love Object Oriented Languages, but find them somewhat inferior to what I was used to in the old mainframe (rust bucket) days, but they are getting there. Since discovering Kant my opinion on OO has changed somewhat. I now take a more balanced view between "be-ing" and "be-coming", somewhere between present and future.
Between Object and Objective.
I have started Phase II of VACom21 (a collaborative effort):
VACom21 or Virtual Aboriginal Community21 is a ABSOLUTELY FREE concept;
not free as in Freedom or in Liberty,
or even Free Speech or Free Beer.
Yet all of these are allowed.
Not Archist nor Anarchist.
Twixt Faith and reason
It just is not,
Anything or,

Phase I:

Design and have built A System Architecting Business. Design DONE; Build DONE.

Phase II:

Design and build (using I.)a Free Domain (Freedom). Design DONE; Build not yet.

Phase III:

Design VACom21. Design DONE; Build not started.
  • Slogen: bring Open and Close together.


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