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PWS mailing list

The PWS mailing list is the place to learn more about ComSwiki and the place to send problems, bug-reports, etc. The range of subscribers to the list include the developers, people who contribute to the code base, swiki administrators, and end users. Though Je77 is usually the one to answer questions, please use the list as you will get answers sooner.

The load of the list is light to moderate. New versions are announced there. At those times, traffic is a bit higher, but it isn't bad.

Note: the list has moved from majordomo to mailman. Go to This supercedes the information below.

To subscribe

Send a message to In the body of the message, put subscribe pws.

To unsubscribe

Send a message to In the body of the message, put unsubscribe pws.

To send a message to the list

After you have subscribed, mail:

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