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Why won't e-mail alerts work?

You have to set your alertServer to a local SMTP server. If you have done this try (in Squeak)
You can paste the script in a transcript window -> select 'open..' followed by 'transscript'. Select all the code and select 'do it'.

   deliverMailFrom: ''
   to: #(#'' )
   text: 'From: test
To: "not listed"
Subject: this is a test

Hello from Squeak!
   usingServer: 'yourSMTPserver'
If you get the message, it should work. If not, something is weird with your SMTP server. If it still does not work, it may be a bug. Please report it to

Also, make sure that you followed the instructions in the AdminTool about setting up the refs package to have useful alertServer and alertSender fields.

There is actually a patch for this problem, check the Swiki buglist !

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