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Smalltalk Server Pages

Is there a whole lot more involved than something like:
LineFormatter class>>showFormatter
instance addExceptionFrom: '<st>' to: '</st>' using: [:text :request :response :shelf :book :page |[(Compiler evaluate: (TextFormatter crToCrlf: text)) value: request] on: Error do:[:ex| ex returnWith: ('Error:', ex messageText)]].

Yes, Ithink there is.
Allthough not, if you don't care about security. If you just want to allow anybody from anywhere in the world to execute arbitrary smalltalk code directly in your swiki server image, then go on, do as you pleases. But don't ask anybody else to include this exception in their swiki because it will most likely blow up and thus have an impact on all users of the swiki.
If on the other hand you want to have a secure implementation, you will have to go a long way further as Torge did for his SecureSwikiPages

being able to run a block in a swiki page would go a long, long way.

smalltalk block server pages.cs
Block is executed each time page is viewed.
to print server time:
<st>[:request| 'Current server time: ', TimeStamp current printString]</st>

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