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Christian Noack's swiki enhancements

I made some extensions to ComSwiki 1.2 Harvest. These are:
  • The recent changes list now shows the name of the user who changed the page instead of the hostname. If the swiki is anonymous, then the hostname will be shown
  • A user can now change his password on his own, without access to the admin page. But be careful: the adminstrator can still read and change it. There is some work to do for me: in future releases I want the administrator to be able to create a user and to reset his password, but not to see it. It should be stored encrypted.
  • When you edit a page and save with this extension it will be posted in multipart/form-data not in URL. The advantage is that an edited page can no longer be cut off. Without this extension you might be unlucky and edit a very long page and the content of this page is cut off because some of the providers on the way to the swiki server think that the URL is too long.

Feel free to send comments and questions or to change the code and enhance it further.addition
Tools dev.

Here you find the extensions: You need ComSwiki 1.2 Harvest installed in your image. Unzip the archive and read the 'advancedComSwikiReadMe.txt'.

Have fun, Christian Noack

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