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This is Squeak in your browser
Last updated at 2:30 am UTC on 11 April 2007

If you can't see anything, download the squeak plugin from:

This is Squeak in your browser

Someone wrote:
It won't work for me. I downloaded the plugin to no avail... It just doesn't work. Also the plugin seems to be a limited version of Squeak as many of the flaps are not available and the worldmenu doesn't popup when clicking on the world. You have to choose an object, go to it's context menu (like the world itself, won't even work for all objects) and then choose open world menu. Also you can't get "inspect object" or "browse object" from the morph's context menus.

It is not the full Squeak indeed. Read the FAQ. Hey
Doesn't work for me, either: the squeakland ones work but this one seems to be bust Does this show up?