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Getting source using the SubVersion repository
Last updated at 5:47 am UTC on 25 January 2006
All main platforms use VMMaker as provided on SqueakMap

Other, less supported, platforms have other arrangements but can certainly be brought under the VMMaker regime with a little work.

For information on what to do with the code once you have obtained it from SVN see Building the VM
This page tries to describe as concrete as possible different ways of getting the source from SubVersion.

To download the platform sources on a Unix/Linux system, the procedure is:

1) Install Subversion. You will find it included on many Linux distributions, or you can obtain it (or get pointed to it) from the Subversion web site http://subversion.tigris.org/.
2) Create a directory for the platform sources - I suggest something along the lines of VM{version name} to provide some clue later on as to what you were up to.
3) Download the sources with the following command: "svn checkout http://squeakvm.org/svn/squeak/trunk/platforms/"

That's it. This should create a complete platforms directory tree that you can use with VMMaker.

If the checkout fails with an error message about invalid XML, then you need a newer version of Subversion. This is available from http://subversion.tigris.org/ (subversion-1.1.3 built from source from the web site worked fine, but the older subversion-0.27.0 that came with my SuSE 9.0 Linux system did not work).

Subversion instructions for other platforms needed here

Some help is in Unsupported method 'M-POST' if you have problems with using svn becauseiof firewalls etc