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Project Zurgle
Last updated at 4:47 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
The Zurgle project is a campaign to help clean up some of the sharper edges on the current Squeak desktop by adding things like emulated widgets and window skins.

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New 2-23-2K3


You may install Zurgle by a .SAR file.
Version 3.2:


or for Version 3.4:


See SAR Notes below.

Zurgle installation in Squeak 3.2 without SqueakMap

If you're really adventurous, you can add the blinking caret located at:


After installation, the 'Luna' and 'Borg' directories are no longer needed and may be removed. Make sure to save your image first :-)


It don't work man!!
This is probably due to one of several factors;

Make sure that you allocate some extra memory for Squeak to run in when running the Zurgle extensions. Linux is pretty stingy in this regard. I usually use at least 30 megabytes for Linux:

squeak -memory 30m zurgle.image

Zurgle Screenshots

Here are some Zurgle screenshots; This includes a shot of the demo that I gave at Squeakend Atlanta 5/12/2K2

Project Zurgle



To Do List

Recently Reported Bugs that have been squashed

Squashed Bugs - Older bugs


Squeak Bugs

Sar Notes

Jim Benson (jlb)