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Last updated at 8:39 pm UTC on 29 September 2017
subclass of Canvas.

From the class comment:

I am a canvas that converts Morphic drawing messages into Postscript. The canvas itself does not actually generate the Postscript code, but rather sends messages corresponding 1:1 to the Postscript imaging model to its target (default: PostscriptEncoder), which has the job of generating actual drawing commands.

PostscriptCharacterScanner and PostscriptDummyWarp are helper classes that simulate effects currently implemented via BitBlt-specific mechanisms during Postscript generation. They should be going away as Morphic becomes fully device independent.

Example: aMorph asEPS

From a mail from Marcel Weiher (25-March-02)
The font-mapping is done in
with helpf from a mapping table initialized in
If you can find better mappings using commonly available Postscript fonts, that would be a very good contribution.