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Alain Hoang
Last updated at 12:33 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Hello, not much here. If I have something useful I'll post it here.

I've started writing the Publishing Packages with SqueakMap however it's still
in progress. (Wonderful directions. Thanks for giving and illustrating an example. I unfortunately got lost and became frustrated by the absence of instruction on how to bring up the download and install menu. On my system to get that menu required clicking the third mouse button; something that is unfamiliar to me. Otherwise, it was a great help. Very reassuring! JWS 2003/03/12)

Since, I'm really new to SmallTalk and Squeak (even after passively watching it for a year or so) I think the best way to teach myself is to play with stuff then write documents no matter how trivial so I can't forget how things are used.


Alain Hoang

WIKI edit by Charlie (CSL) on 4/20/2003)

I don't understand how to use / load SAR images. I'm very interested in learning about / using the OSProcess package listed in the FRESHMEAT SqueakMap, but I can't figure out how to load it via the SqueakMap interface.

I'd be glad to help document things (I finally figured out how to generate a window snapshot) but I need to make this work first!

Any help appreciated.

CSL (squeak-dev@cyberchuck.org)


Writing SqueakMap, a continuation of the Publishing Packages with SqueakMap