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How to find known bugs
Last updated at 10:46 pm UTC on 18 April 2007
NOTE: The bug server has moved (3/14/2007) to http://bugs.squeak.org/
Question Please point me to the known bug list. I'm not yet acquainted with bug-tracking on Squeak but would like to be.
Answer Bug tracking is now done on mantis http://bugs.squeak.org/.

Previously an in-squeak system called "BFAV" was used to track bugs. If, for some reason you wish to view the bug list using BFAV, you can follow Brent's instructions (below):

Pre-mantis answer (Brent Vukmer March 05, 2004 )Go to the "open..." menu and open Package Loader, then install "BFAV2 Installer". That's the main way bugs are reviewed currently. For help,see How to use the BFAV2