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Video Flow - HOWTO
Last updated at 12:52 pm UTC on 22 June 2003
Uploaded Image:videoflow-19June2003-mini.jpeg

Congratulations for installing the wonderful Video Flow!

This is a trial version, and you can play with it for 100 factorial days (no more!). After that you'll must pay $200 factorial or your system will crash. Don't worry, we're talking about Argentinian currency.

Let's play!

From the world menu choose objects and then the video flow category. Two morphs will appear, a Box and a Wire. A box represents two things: a box, and a rectangle... I'm joking... a Source or a Filter.

Uploaded Image: Objects.jpeg

First at all you need a Source. So, drag a box into the world. On the left it have a beautiful blue screen (Your system's crashed. Have you payed? :)). On the right you have a control panel. The first button allows you to change the source or the filter. This is the first box, so we need a source. It can be your camera, a mpeg video file, or the system test signal. Choose one of them.

Uploaded Image: sourceSelection.jpeg Uploaded Image: source2.jpeg

Now you must be watching what you've selected. Now for applying a filter over the source, we need another box. You have two boxes now, congratulations!!!. From the second one's control panels change the video source to some filter (for example r g b "brightness and contrast").

Uploaded Image: 2boxes.jpeg

Nothing happens. I know. It's because it isn't connected to any source yet. So we need something to connect the source with the filter... YES ... a Wire.

On the sides of each box you can see one or more small circles. These are the plugs (input on the right and output on the left).... all you need is to connect the source output to the filter's input. Click in the source's output plug and a wire will appear. Move the mouse to the filter's input and click again... you've connected both boxes and you must be watching your movie filtered in the second one!!! ...

Uploaded Image: 2boxes2.jpeg

Have you got the idea?. It's very simple. You can connect filters to any source or filters with simple rules:

Time to play, enjoy it!

Javier Musa