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Squeak Blogging Clients
Last updated at 11:49 am UTC on 17 January 2006
There are at least two different Squeak blog clients people are currently working on.

Laurence Rozier: http://www.knowledgearchitects.net/squeakchannel

Aaron Reichow wrote to the Challenge:


I've got a pretty simple LiveJournal client for morphic written for
Dynapad. I've no free time, but always willing to make some for Squeak. :) If you guys keep me informed, I can work this Squeak weblog into my client, making it a client for both LJ and this new Squeak weblog. Some folks- including myself- don't want to be stuck with a web interface and want a client app. Lots of folks seem to agree, if LJ and other blog software usage patterns are evidence. (IMHO they are) Lots of ways to achieve this, but keep it in mind. Something like a web API (what LJ has; you do HTTP POSTs and GETs, along with variable=value and simple commands), XML-RPC/SOAP or perhaps a Squeak-specific RPC method.

Could provide various benefits over a web client for this new weblog
software- imagine being able to compose a Morph, including drawings, as part of your entry; my LJ version simply outputs an image, throws it up to my web server, and refers to it from the LJ post; Squeak weblog could take real morph, and serve it as an image (if only regular browser) or living morph (w/ squeak plugin, or scamper?)

some ideas-

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