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German Arduino
Last updated at 11:55 am UTC on 15 July 2010


Uploaded Image: gsa100.jpgGermán Arduino (Sunchales, Argentina) is an independent consultant that manages his own two small companies, ArSol.net where he sells hosting and Internet related services and ArSol.biz focused in consulting services and software development. He works for 20 years, administrating systems from the IBM 360 up to Intel servers with Windows and Linux and related products. For the same time, he also develops all sorts of applications in languages as diverse as Assembler, RPG, CSP, Cobol, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Perl, Python and Smalltalk. You can contact him via e-mail.

I like Smalltalk al lot, mainly Squeak, and I'm trying to develop all my software projects for myself and customers in Smalltalk, preferably in Squeak.

Squeak custom projects:

Squeak/Pharo commercial projects:

Squeak/Pharo MIT projects:

Some of my learning projects:

Some articles and tutorials written by me (In Spanish):


I must to say "Thanks You Very Much" to the people that has helped me to learn Smalltalk, first of all to Diego Gomez Deck who has lossed a lot (really a LOT) of his time only to help me.

Also "Thanks" to Squeak-dev people.