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Collections Steward
Last updated at 12:41 pm UTC on 17 January 2006
The Task Force November Revolution seemed stalled so I (Jack) have usurped the role that I volunteered for. The revolution is dead; long live the king! At least until the revolution is revived.

Collections Stewards:


  1. Organize (Peter, Goran, Jack)
  2. Build SUnit tests
  3. Update all comments
  4. submit those changes for approval
  5. Decide next step
    1. Suggested by Goran that we copy the Collections classes and work on the copy
      • This avoids having a protacted debate with Squeakers on every minor change we make
      • At some point the copy may be copied back and replace the original or we just offer a superior Collections suite
    2. Jack would like to work on the original
      • I'd rather each of my changes becomes immediately useful to the community and don't want to work for a year on something that may be tossed if I don't finish it.


  1. TFNR -Collections Comments and categories
  2. TFNR -Collection Class observations



  1. Identify useful additional methods
  2. Identify useful new Collections Abstract Data Types
  3. Documentation

Rules Jack would like to apply to how we make changes (up for discussion)

  1. We will have working SUnit tests in place before undertaking any code change
  2. We will fully comment all classes and methods
  3. SUnit test will not be re-written to match code change - Any code changes must work with the exiting SUnit test (I don't want to break things that are working now)

Information related to Collections which we should be aware of:

Things left out of collections that need to be there (wiz)

  1. FlipRotate the logical extention of reverse for sequencable collections.