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Minimal release
Last updated at 11:25 am UTC on 5 July 2009
The "Minimal release" of Squeak would be the smallest possible kernel which contains a bootstrappable core of Squeak. This could be used for creating lightweight configurations, experiments, etc. For 3.6 there exists a minimal release done by Boris Gaertner.

Those interested in tiny Squeak images would perhaps like to check out Craig Latta's work at http://www.netjam.org/squat. This is a tiny version of squeak, which could potentially become the official Minimal image.

Contributed minimal versions of Squeak

Found on the Squeak mailing list by Pavel Krivanek:
Hi all,

I have prepared an experimental kernel image based on Squeak 3.7.



How to prepare it:

How it works:

The console is very simple. Now it cannot simulate FillInTheBlank, confirmations, user interrupt etc.