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Mantis Server
Last updated at 7:17 pm UTC on 27 March 2007
mergeMe into Reporting Bugs and Fixes

The Mantis Server is a web-based bug tracking system.

The Squeak Mantis site is here:


You need to get an account first at


All bugs, fixes and enhancements should be reported on the Mantis database.

The Mantis tracker is being administered by the Box Admins Team.

Tips on using Mantis:

Help on sumbitting new reports can be found in the project documentation at http://bugs.squeak.org/proj_doc_page.php.

Here you can find the documentation for Mantis, especially the FAQ.

Q: I want a nice quick way of linking to other bugs.

A: Just prefix a bug id with the # sign. So if you type #742 then it will automatically create a link to bug #742.

Q: On the "View Issues" page, I just want to see the Squeak bugs, not the bugs for OpenCroquet or Squeakland, etc. These are listed in the "Category" column, and filtering by Category doesn't work.

A: Squeak/OpenCroquet/Squeakland/etc are actually "Projects" not Categories. Go to the menu in the upper-right corner and select the Squeak project. Then you can still filter by Category to see only the Morphic or VM bugs, for example.