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Reporting Bugs and Fixes
Last updated at 9:40 pm UTC on 22 March 2017

A Bug, Fix, or Enhancement report

Mantis FAQ and Tips

Generally, any bug report or bug fix should apply to the latest alpha version of the Squeak image (for example, 3.9alpha). If you find a bug in the current stable image (e.g. 3.8), you should check to see if the bug has been fixed in the latest alpha release before posting a bug report/fix.

For details on how to submit new reports to the Mantis database please read our project documentation.

Note that anybody can create an issue or post a fix to it. Please read existing issues and try out fixes and make constructive or critical comments. Eventually issues will be assigned to particular experts for final review and then merged into the latest release. The more people can review it before this, the better.

Announcements and Goodies can be sent to the Squeak Mailing Lists

What to put in the subject line:

The post should include in the subject line a "keyword" tag. This is an upper-case keyword in square brackets:
[GOODIE] addition of a new feature
[ANN] announcements

So a well-formed subject would look like this:
   Subject: [ANN] Triangular Browser (v1.2, added animation)


is the recommended license.
New code cannot be part of core squeak unless it comes with an MIT license.


For more information about how bugs/fixes were reported in the past see Historical: Reporting Bugs and Fixes.
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