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Squeak Mailing Lists
Last updated at 6:45 am UTC on 29 January 2010
All mailing lists are available as a plain email list, and every one is publicly archived. Some of the lists are mirrored by the Nabble web forum service and the Gmane mail-news gateway

Most Active Lists

All Mailing Lists

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How to use the mailing lists

All the lists (except for the two Croquet lists) are managed by Mailman, so these instructions work for all but those two lists.

Search the Squeak Mailing List Archives using Google


Q: How do I search through the archives?
Use the Google Search Tool above.

A hint for Beginners

The Squeak Mailing List is highly active. So should we just subscribe if we already feel confident in Squeak (should i say smalltalk ?). Else you'll probably feel like me: lost and flooded :).

I don't know who posted this, but beginners are certainly welcome on the mailing list, and in fact a significant chunk of the mailing list volume is newbies asking questions and getting answers. It's certainly true that the mailing list has a lot of traffic – I'd guess about 30-150 messages a day, depending on the day. -Lex Spoon

Sometimes the mailing list gets busy with people discussing advanced topics, but there are a lot of beginners lurking on the list too, who may also benefit if you ask a beginner's question and get a discussion going.

If you feel at all unsure about asking a beginner-oriented question on the Squeak list, you can always add a [newbie] or [beginner] tag to the subject of your message.

Alternate methods for reading the Squeak Email List

I have subscribed to the squeak@yahoogroups.com list. I receive all of the emails just fine, but when I want to reply, I receive an error email back from the list saying that the list doesn't support it. So, where are all of the emails coming from? Is it the 'dev' list mentioned above that just gets copied to yahoogroups? Seems odd. A little guidance is very welcome.

It seems that you have to register with the squeak-dev mailing list, despite being a member of the Yahoo! squeak group. Frank Shearar

Another way to read the Squeak Email List is as a newsgroup, via the gmane mail-to-news backend. See http://www.gmane.org/. To use gmane, the news server is news.gmane.org, and the newsgroups are listed. For instance, the main squeak-dev list is the newsgroup gmane.comp.lang.smalltalk.squeak.general