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Jerry Archibald
Last updated at 4:17 pm UTC on 14 January 2006

Jerry Archibald, 1940-2001

Sent to the Squeak mailing list by David N. Smith on June 26, 2001:


I just got the following note about the death of Jerry Archibald from his daughter. I thought some of you would be interested since he was active here.

I first met Jerry sometime in the early 1980's while I was reading the Blue Book a few pages a night, loving it, but all alone. I discovered Jerry, who was a Smalltalk fan, and we used to have very long discussions about what it all meant. He'd thought a lot about some of the critical issues and kept me on the straight and narrow when I drifted. Jerry retired from IBM a few years back, did consulting work and stayed active in the Smalltalk community.

He will be missed.


Dear All:

I got your email names from a couple mass mailings my father sent me and all of you. If I or one of my relatives has spoken to you in person, please disregard this; my sister Elizabeth will also send out a mailing to the people on his computer address book, so there may be some duplicates.

I am extremely sorry to tell you that my father died of a sudden heart attack last Friday morning, June 22. He was 60 years old. If any of you are in the New York area, the wake will be today, Tuesday, 2-4 pm, and 7-9 pm, and the funeral tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th, at 10 am. Both will be held at the Heritage Funeral Home, Morrissey Drive, Putnam Valley. The number there is 526-3000, area code I believe 845 (if not, then 914), if you need to call for directions.


Christine Archibald
David N. Smith
IBM T J Watson Research Center
Hawthorne, NY

Mail received at mailto:JArchibald@aol.com
(Initials are: (jla) – used with changes I make to Swiki pages.)

WardWiki retired from IBM Research in early 1993.
He now has his own business (SysOs):

12 Barger Hill Road
Putnam Valley, New York 10579

I'm now a consulting gypsy and follow contracts where they lead.
I work (primarily) in Smalltalk, UML, & SQL.

As I occasionally tell folks:

I'm retired ...
I'm unemployed ...
I'm a consultant!

Currently working on a project called "The Theory of Ideas". – (don't ask).


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