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Kent Borg
Last updated at 5:21 am UTC on 1 December 1999
Hello, world!

Having bought the Smalltalk-80 book way back when, and having read that old Byte magazine issue on the topic, I have always been somewhat interested in the language. Certainly I am dismayed that static languages still rule. Dylan was neat. Newtonscript even cooler. And now I am thinking that Squeak might be worthwhile.

Fun to see names of others I have met before, such as Laird's appearing right after mine (at least as of when I am typing this). (Hi Kent! - Laird Popkin)

And I have to admit that I am very intrigued by this "just dive in and edit"-web server! Is the internet still such a gentle place that this is possible? Wow.

Something else that has been nagging at me for the last several years is the generally stagnent and tradition-bound state of computer operating system design. For quite some time I have had written on my kitchen whiteboard a set of things to be rejected in computer system design. I'll have to pull some of those thoughts into this site and see if anyone is interested.