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SqueakCentralProjects (outdated)
Last updated at 3:45 pm UTC on 22 March 2003
Each Squeak Central Project has emerged from a fair amount of discussion on the Squeak mail list wherein a large number of people have agreed to the importance of the project. Moreover, in each case, the folks at Squeak Central have committed to include these new capabilities as soon as they satisfy their initial requirements and are ready for relatively painless inclusion in the latest release.

Because of this definition, we ask that people not make changes to the Squeak Central project list except by working with someone from Squeak Central. Those of us who attend to such support include...
Dan Ingalls
Ted Kaehler
John Malone
Andreas Raab
Scott Wallace

Default Project Summary

As an aid to initial organization of these projects, we propose the following template, which you will see replicated in each initial project description:


Purpose and Scope of the project
This section is to be maintained by the implementors. Ideally any recent changes would be summarized by a footnote of the form
[date] summary of change

Estimated completion date

The completion date is not intended as a cudgel, but only as an aid to coordinating integration in the next appropriate release of Squeak


A short list (most recent first) of entries of the form
[date] accomplishment


List of implementors

Q/A, Integration

List of folks motivated to test the results and get them included in the release.
Includes at least one person at Squeak Central.

General Commentary

A list of items (most recent last) of the form
[date, author] comment
Anyone is invited to add to this list.
The implementors are free to remove and summarize any items more than two weeks old.

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