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Last updated at 4:59 pm UTC on 24 February 2018
There is a method #initializeProjectPreferences in the class Project. The code is below.

It initializes the project specific preferences.

In your subclass of Project or MorphicProject you might need to override this method

     super initializeProjectPreferences.
     "add your own settings"
     self projectPreferenceFlagDictionary at: aKeySymbol put: aValue. 
     "More explanations here"


There is also Project initializeProjectParameters.

	"Initialize the project's preferences from currently-prevailing preferences that are currently being held in projects in this system"
	projectPreferenceFlagDictionary := Project current projectPreferenceFlagDictionary deepCopy.    "Project overrides in the new project start out being the same set of overrides in the calling project"

	Preferences allPreferences do:  "in case we missed some"
		[:aPreference |
			aPreference localToProject ifTrue:
				[(projectPreferenceFlagDictionary includesKey: aPreference name) ifFalse:
			[projectPreferenceFlagDictionary at: aPreference name put: aPreference preferenceValue]]].

	(Project current projectParameterAt: #disabledGlobalFlapIDs  ifAbsent: [nil]) ifNotNil:
		[:idList | self projectParameterAt: #disabledGlobalFlapIDs put: idList copy]