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Draft of a Debian-like system for Squeak
Last updated at 6:18 am UTC on 22 March 2003
Daniel Vainsencher:
Draft of a debian-like system for Squeak. There are two roles:
  1. A package maintainer releases versions of a specific package. He is in charge of updating the package (either as developer, or using version by the upstream developer), including fixing incompatibilities with other modules.
  2. A configuration maintainer picks and chooses packages and versions of packages, that his users would want to have together. They don't fix packages, they just decide whether a version is stable enough and appropriate enough for their flavor.
    1. A cutting edge configuration with always the latest version of every goodie.
    2. A clean development configuration with known stable versions of only the commonly used classes and tools.
Note that any user can either simply pick a configuration and load it, getting the benefit of the judgement of the config maintainer, or he can decide to also load other packages or versions on his own to get newer/more code.
In our terms, this would mean that each package maintainer would have his own update stream, and each config maintainer would hold urls for those streams he includes, and the number of highest update to be included.