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jigsaw puzzle
Last updated at 2:24 pm UTC on 3 May 2018
Copied from page 701 of Bob's SuperSwiki.

As you can see from above you can make pretty cool looking jigsaw pieces from Mixed curves.
The cook book.


  1. Get a paste up morph.
  2. From playfield options: Turn gridding on.
  3. From playfield options:
    1. Show gridding.
    2. Set gridding scale (here 0 asPoint was used for the origin. 18 asPoint for the scale.)
  4. From Objects (or Morph menu for Squeaklight) Get a MixedCurveMorph. It will look initially like a bowl.
  5. From the MixedCurves red halo menu
    1. select be segmented slopes. (This is so vertexes will snap to grid.)
    2. select show handles. (You should now have a rectangle with two yellow and two blue handles. Plus all the green triangles for midpoints.)
  6. click on each of the yellow handles once. (All handles are blue now)
  7. Pick up the rectanglular mixed curve and put it on the gridded playfield.
    1. Adjust each of the four corners so they snap to the grid.
    2. Put them at the basic corners of the puzzle piece.
    3. You may want to make a copy at this point for use later in making other pieces.
    4. Now add more points to each side and arrange them as you wish on various grid points.
      • four extra points per side will do well.
  8. Make more pieces.
  9. Take the pieces off the gridded playfield.
  10. From the pieces red halo menu
    1. Make it be smooth curve.
    2. Remove handles

  1. You will now have puzzle pieces.



This is a 3.9 project (should work in 3.9 or 3.10).
It allows the knowledgable to turn any morph into a jigsaw puzzle.
Solve the Puzzle to get the morph back.

This updates the previous work (see bellow).

The menu will not be present unless the morph has been made puzzling.

The best way to doget an inspector on the morph and then evaluate:

"self puzzleExtentFromUser"

This will give you a chance to indicate the rough size of a puzzle piece.
After that the morph will allow you to see the puzzle menu items.

Puzzled? will chomp the puzzle into pieces.
How puzzled? will give you another chance to indicate piece size.