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DropZoneMorph 2
Last updated at 5:38 am UTC on 9 May 2018
Updated version of DropZoneMorph, by Bob Arning

May 3, 2018

can create drop zones (with thumbnail) for all morphic projects, with the extra feature that dropped morphs are centered in the destination world to make them easy to find.

'From Squeak5.1 of 23 August 2016 [latest update: #16548] on 3 May 2018 at 10:15:24 am'!
"Change Set:		DropZone
Date:			2 May 2018
Author:			Bob Arning

DropZoneMorph is a place to drop things to execute a user-supplied action. Examples in class comment"!

Morph subclass: #DropZoneMorph
	instanceVariableNames: 'label action '
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
	category: 'Morphic-Widgets'!

!DropZoneMorph commentStamp: 'raa 5/3/2018 10:11' prior: 0!
DropZoneMorph new 
	openLabel: 'explore' 
	action: [ :m | m explore. #reject]

DropZoneMorph new 
	openLabel: 'to project unnamed' 
	action: [ :m | (Project named: 'Unnamed') world addMorph: m.]
DropZoneMorph new 
	openLabel: 'take a picture' 
	action: [ :m | m imageForm asMorph openInWorld. #reject];
	addMorphBack: (Morph new color: Color green)
DropZoneMorph makeAllProjectsDropper!
]style[(367 22),c000126126!

!DropZoneMorph methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'raa 5/2/2018 07:31'!
acceptDroppingMorph: aMorph event: evt

	self halt.! !

!DropZoneMorph methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'raa 5/2/2018 11:55'!
openLabel: l action: a

	label _ l.
	action _ a.
		layoutPolicy: TableLayout new;
		rubberBandCells: true;
		listDirection: #topToBottom;
		hResizing: #shrinkWrap;
		vResizing: #shrinkWrap;
		extent: 1@1;
		borderWidth: 0;
		color: Color paleBlue;
		addMorph: (StringMorph contents: label) lock.
	self openInWorld! !

!DropZoneMorph methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'raa 5/2/2018 07:58'!
rejectDropEvent: anEvent

	anEvent wasHandled: true.

	(action value: anEvent contents) = #reject ifTrue: [
		anEvent contents rejectDropMorphEvent: anEvent.
! !

!DropZoneMorph methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'raa 5/2/2018 07:59'!
wantsDroppedMorph: aMorph event: evt

	self halt.

	! !

!DropZoneMorph class methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'raa 5/3/2018 10:14'!
self makeAllProjectsDropper
	| wrapper |
	wrapper _ AlignmentMorph newColumn.
	Project allProjects do: [ :p |
		p isMorphic ifTrue: [
			wrapper addMorphBack: (
				DropZoneMorph new 
					openLabel: 'to ',p name 
					action: [ :m | 
						p world addMorph: m.
						m center: p world center	"make new morphs easier to find"
					addMorphBack: (p thumbnail ifNil: [Morph new]) asMorph
	wrapper openInWorld.! !