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Programming Morphs (Active Essay)
Last updated at 9:24 pm UTC on 1 January 2019
The active essay 'ProgrammingMorphs.4.pr' was done by Lex Spoon in June 2003.


How to get it in Squeak 3.2., 3.6 and 3.8.1

1. Download ProgrammingMorphs.pr
2. Drag the file ProgrammingMorphs.pr from the downloads folder to the desktop of a Squeak 3.2 or 3.8.1 image

It loads very fine in Squeak 3.2 and 3.6 and OK in Squeak 3.8.1, see screen shot of a 3.2 image, page 3 of the BookMorph and a screen shot of a 3.6 image, page 1 of a BookMorph below.



Note: The ProgrammingMorphs.pr file includes the classes from a category 'LearnMorphic' (the fileOut 'LearnMorphic.st') which are not in the target image. These class definitions are automatically loaded when the file ProgrammingMorphs.pr is dropped onto a Squeak 3.8.1 desktop.

Copy of the text in the file 'ProgrammingMorphs.4.pr'

Programming morphs - page 1 - handles for programming

Programming morphs - page 2 - name

Programming morphs - page 3 - position, extent, color

Programming morphs - page 4 - structure

Programming morphs - page 5 - drawing

Programming morphs - page 6 - mouse events

Programming morphs - page 7 - keyboard events

Programming morphs - page 8 - animation

Programming morphs - page 9 - user queries