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How to get control over your objects
Last updated at 9:34 pm UTC on 1 January 2019
Ever imported or created an object (Morphic or not Morphic) and then lost control of it?

Wondered where it went, and how to remove it in a clean way?

There are some good tools for this, but it might take a long time to find them.

First try to evaluate

 Project current world explore

Or if you have opened an Inspector on a morph

 self world explore

It will show you a complete overview of your current working world, including all of its sub objects (and submorphs)!

Another hint:
If you want to see the current instances of "aClass" (fill in any class you want),
you can evaluate
 aClass allInstances explore 

Again, (fill in your class instead of "aClass"). It will nicely show you all of the class's instances.

Just a note about explore. You can use explore to get a nice window representation of any Collection. For example:
 #(1 2 3) explore.
will bring up a window that shows each element of this collection.