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Scratch 1.4 and variations
Last updated at 4:13 pm UTC on 19 June 2018
The original Squeak based Scratch (generally known as Scratch 1.4) was released in source form and can be improved and extended. Here are some download sites -
There are several variations built by people, quite surprisingly mostly not related to the general Squeak community

Scratch 1.4 project file format

To find out more read the code
 ScratchFrameMorph>>#writeScratchProjectOn: anObjStream

** These are end-user packages (installers).

You can 'get behind the scenes in Scratch' by using a 'rabbit hole' as Markus Gaelli wrote


"You know that you can "shift click" into the top half of the R of SCRATCH on the top left of Scratch – then open the rabbit hole via
"turn fill screen off"...

You get the Smalltalk environment BUT remember there is no changes or sources file so everything will be decompiled.