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BabySRE in Squeak 5.2
Last updated at 12:18 pm UTC on 30 April 2019
The SRE Object Browser and the SRE Execution Tracer of the BabySRE tools work fine in Squeak 5.2.

This page is intended to keep notes about loading and making the SRE collaboration tool work in Squeak 5.2.

Problems with event handling regarding the BabySRE collaboration tool in Squeak 5.2

BabySRE-hjh.44 (http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/2551)

loads fine.


BabySRE has overrides for the following methods:

 Morph >> #handleEvent:
 Morph >> #handleFocusEvent:
 Morph >> #processEvent:
 Morph >> #processEvent:using:
 Morph >> #processFocusEvent:
 Morph >> #processFocusEvent:using:

All these methods must return an event object, not "self" (or a morph).