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Lisp interpreter (old)
Last updated at 1:34 am UTC on 13 December 2011
by Nishihara Satoshi

A newer up-to-date Lisp Interpreter is here.


There is an excellent Lisp interpreter availalable at: http://www.zephyr.dti.ne.jp/~nishis/smalltalk/Squeak/goodies/. It files in fine on a 2.4 image.

How to start

You need to be in an MVC project for this lisp package to work properly.

(1) evaluate:

LispInterpreter open


LispInterpreter fullOpen

Both bring up a Lisp interpreter window, divided vertically into two panes. You type an S-expression to be evaluated into the upper pane, select it (like a Smalltalk expression), and then doIt, inspectIt, etc. With the barebones (#open) window, you have to use the mouse; the #fullOpen window has buttons for the more common actions.

(See the class side of LispInterpreter, under examples, for more examples of usage.)

(2) Results of evaluating an S-expression appear in the lower pane.

Unlike the VW implementation, which is a bit closer to CommonLISP, this version does not know about keywords. So evaluating something like

(cons :a :b)

results in

* Error: :a is unbound atom

(For those who are not LISP-cognizant, in CommonLISP atoms with a leading ':' are interned in the keyword package, and are self evaluating.)

(cons 'a 'b)

on the other hand evaluates to the expected:

(a . b)

Happy LISPing.

On-line Lisp book by Paul Graham, 1993

see also Prolog