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Last updated at 10:13 pm UTC on 11 May 2000

This is a RangeSlider Morph. Used to specify two values. Enforces the constraint [minimumValue <= lowValue <= highValue <= maximumValue]. Accepts a ScaleMorph as a subMorph, and can initialize based upon a ScaleMorph. This can communicate to a model when its values changed. Model is set with #setTarget:withSelector:, where selector takes two arguments, the low value and the high value.

This has been tested with 2.6 and 2.7. The demo will not load properly in 2.5 because of differences in the way blocks are handled. The demos require the ScaleMorph.st (scalemorph.st) file posted to the maillist on March 17. The ScaleMorph changes have been incorporated into 2.8, and are only needed for 2.6 or 2.7.

The rangeslider morph here is slightly changed from the version posted to the list in March.