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How to update a Squeak 5.1 image to the most recent trunk version
Last updated at 10:00 am UTC on 14 January 2019
To update a 5.1 image to the latest trunk version,

Be sure to save a copy of your image and changes files first in case something goes wrong.

Then do the update as follows (it takes about 15 minutes or so):

Go to Tools -> Preferences on the top menu bar to open a preference browser.
In the preference browser, scroll down to "updates"
Change Update URL from http://source.squeak.org/squeak51 to http://source.squeak.org/trunk (accept change)
Close the preference browser
Squeaky mouse -> Update Squeak (upper left corner on the menu bar)

This will start the update process. You will encounter several merge
dialog boxes, just accept all the merges and proceed in each of them
until done:

Merging Morphic-mt.1297, accept two changes, merge.
Merging ST80-mt.217, accept change, merge.
Merging ReleaseBuilder-mt.169, accept change, merge.
Merging Morphic-tpr.1321, accept three changes, merge.
ReleaseBuilder-eem.172, accept change, merge.

==> done.