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Last updated at 11:27 am UTC on 5 January 2019
Refactoring is a process of re-writing or re-organizing text or code. The purpose of a refactor is to make the code or text more understandable and readable while exactly preserving its meaning and behavior.


The Refactoring Browseris a great aid when refactoringSmalltalkcode.

The concept of refactoring originated in the Smalltalk community because the Smalltalk IDE tools allow refactoring steps to be carried out in a consistent way comparatively easy.

Where did the word refactoring come from?https://martinfowler.com/bliki/EtymologyOfRefactoring.html!C2.com wiki about refactoringRefactoring definition at the Content Creation wikiTakeaway for example

"Refactoring is typically done in small steps. After each small step, you're left with a working system that's functionally unchanged."

General info about refactoring:Code refactoring article in Wikipedia!Refactoring workflowhttps://martinfowler.com/articles/workflowsOfRefactoring/The hard part of refactoring_

Refactoring applied to documentation (this wiki)

There is a project torefactor this Swiki>Refactoring the Swiki