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Last updated at 7:19 pm UTC on 28 November 2021
Refactoring is a process of re-writing or re-organizing text or code. The purpose of a refactor is to make the code or text more understandable and readable while exactly preserving its meaning and behavior.


The Refactoring Browser is a great aid when refactoring Smalltalk code.

The concept of refactoring originated in the Smalltalk community because the Smalltalk IDE tools allow refactoring steps to be carried out in a consistent way comparatively easy.

Where did the word refactoring come from?


C2.com wiki about refactoring

Refactoring definition at the Content Creation wiki
Takeaway for example
"Refactoring is typically done in small steps. After each small step, you're left with a working system that's functionally unchanged."

General info about refactoring:

Refactoring workflow

https://martinfowler.com/articles/workflowsOfRefactoring/The hard part of refactoring

Refactoring applied to documentation (this wiki)

There is a project to refactor this Swiki> Refactoring the Swiki