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Research work on "Software Production in Virtual Objects Environments"
Last updated at 5:18 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
by Federico G. Stilman


"Software Production in Virtual Objects Environments"

In an era where computer sciences suffers from its own fashions, and where the impulsive use of the object-oriented technology is, perhaps, one of them, the presentation of the virtual objects environments technology or, simply, object technology, that gives origin to the object-oriented one, sounds promising. Although counting with more than thirty years of existence, little certain knowledge exists about it, and the fruitful use of objects environments is usually relegated to only those who have the opportunity from seeing beyond computer sciences fashions, forgetting that idea that new things are necessarily better, so beneficial belief, by the way, for the vendors of the new products.
In simple and strong incarnation of the object paradigm, objects environments enable an evolutive software production methodology, ideal for a wide range of complex systems (open systems) which change in time with the vertiginous rhythm of organizations of our days.
The present work introduces the objects environments production technology through the presentation of its most characteristic aspects, which make its philosophy, inviting the reader, through its pages, to the reflection about the success and validity level of mainstream production technologies as the base for current information systems.

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