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Last updated at 7:19 am UTC on 13 September 2017
Author: Federico G. Stilman

Project idea description (2006)

Tiny HTML are a set of objects that basically wraps HTML tags and allow HTML construction in Squeak. For the moment, there is one class that does all the "big" work: HtmlElement.

Additionally I supplied a set of HtmlElement subclasses, each one for a different HTML tag, that only know their tag name, and this makes the code more readable.


Göran Krampe:

Though not exactly the same such basic classes exist in Seaside (WAHtmlCanvas). WABuilder is the class to do stand-alone building of HTML strings.

In another framework HttpView2, see class HVHtmlElement.

See also ZnHtmlOutputStream from Pharo. It is a one class solution which works fine in Squeak.