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Last updated at 1:24 pm UTC on 26 January 2013

A Pie Chart for Squeak


pie _ PieChartMorph values: {5. 3. 2. 1. 5. 6. 7. 2. 5. 3. 3}.
pie title: 'a Pie!'.
pie openInWorld

Uploaded Image: PieChartMorph-Demo1.gif

pie _ PieChartMorph values: {350. 320. 250. 150. 200}.
pie openInWorld

Uploaded Image: PieChartMorph-Demo2.gif

pie _ PieChartMorph values: {55. 26. 15. 36}.
pie references: {'A'. 'B'. 'C'. 'D'}.
pie colors: {Color red. Color green. Color blue. Color yellow}.
pie alpha: 0.5  "you have to imagine this: the graphic below looks dark, but it's transparent"
pie openInWorld

Uploaded Image: PieChartMorph-Demo3.gif

TO DO / Wish list:

Fixed items (they come from the previous list):


I will like to hear of projects who use it, to know if I need to support it or just abandon it ;-) Please link your project here.


(second release with some internal cleanup)

on SqueakMap

Interesting reading? (I still have to read it!)

Building a pie chart morph in Self 4.0, mirrored at these sites:



Unless you change your color depth from 16 to 32, you might experience some troubles concerning the improper color rendering. This is nothing harmfull but may confuse you so you better change it to 32. (world menu / appearance ... / set display depth ... / 32) (who wrote this???)

AuthorGerman Morales!ScreenshotsUploaded Image: PieChartMorphScreenshot.gif