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Using the MABrowser
Last updated at 9:20 am UTC on 14 July 2002
From message http://lists.advantive.com/pipermail/sqmodules/2002-June/000215.html

The idea is that you've got to have a way of
changing the module you are currently working in. Since the system
category list shows you (sort of) the modules that are present you can
use "switch to module" to change the module you are currently working
in. E.g., here's a little demo:
Open the MABrowser
Select "Language-Core-Objects" in the browser
Select "switch to module"
[The classes defined in Language-Core-Objects will be highlighted so
that you see that they are defined in the "current" module]
Select "Language-Core-Classes"
[These classes will not be highlighted since they are not defined in the
current module]
Add a method Behavior>>foo and accept it
[Only method #foo will be highlighted to show that this method is
defined as part of the current module (which should still be
"Language-Core-Objects". Also, a delta module has been created which
contains the change].

Note that various bits and pieces are still missing. "In theory" the
demo should continue as follows:
Get into the class list of behavior and select "switch to class
[Meaning that you wish to make the module the class is defined in
current. All the classes in "Language-Core-Classes" will be highlighted.
Note that Behavior>>foo is not highlighted since it's not part of that
module this does not work]
Click on method foo and say "include in module"
[Now foo is part of "Language-Core-Classes" and will be highlighted.
this does not work correctly]