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List of Commercial Projects using Squeak
Last updated at 8:27 pm UTC on 31 October 2006
This compilation has two main intents.

1) to show skeptics that Squeak's commercial use cases exists

2) to serve as a link between people involved (or trying to become involved) in a commercial project who need to learn how to show their clients that Squeak is a possible solution.

Feel free to ADD YOUR PROJECT to the list

This list is being maintained by Federico G. Stilman.
Send him an E-Mail if you have comments or suggestions for it.

For another list of commercial and non-commercial uses of Squeak, see Production Squeak

Use cases

HomepageBuilder / HemsideByggaren

A web-based website building tool, developed by Swedish IT consulting firm Bluefish. It uses Squeak, Comanche and HttpView. Read Göran Krampe's description of HomepageBuilder here and the technological inside view here.


Market Helmsman

Market Helmsman is a 3D stock market visualization tool written in Squeak. Brought to you by the company Vibrant3D. See http://www.vibrant3d.com/helmsman.htm.


ScheduleMate is a suite of scheduling and routing applications for distribution center and manufacturing. For details try http://www.minidata.ca/. We have a few installations in Canada. Some of the applications were originally written in VisualWorks and converted to Squeak. If you are interested in our development or conversion experience, contact feliks@minidata.ca.


Within Systech, German Boccoleri, Emilio Oca and Edgar J. De Cleene developed a small ap to browse relational data on an iPaq written in Squeak.

Project title

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