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Crypto Base
Last updated at 1:15 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Ever wanted to use SHA256 but didn't know where to get an implementation?

In the early part of 2002, we used squeak at Handspring to simulate portions of the RTOS under which PalmOS runs. It was the hope (for some of us) to put a subset of Squeak on the newer versions of the Treo. Fate conspired against us, however, and we were all laid off before we could sneak a ST VM into the system. We did spend a fair amount of time thinking about crypto and Smalltalk.

This code is inspired by our experiments at Handspring, but shares no common code with the Handspring experiments.

The current changeset includes some hash functions. More interesting functions are coming as we complete testing.

We also have a few SUnit tests to test our hash functions.

We encourage you to play around with this code at: http://www.cryptonomicon.net/msh/squeak/msh-crypto.html

And... if you just want to download the code, it's available at http://www.cryptonomicon.net/msh/squeak/msh-crypto.1.cs

And... as you might expect, the project file is available at http://www.cryptonomicon.net/msh/squeak/msh-crypto.002.pr