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How To Run Your Own Bot
Last updated at 8:30 pm UTC on 12 May 2004
There are 2 ways to run!

1) from within the image

  1. bot _ IRCBot new.
  2. bot nick: 'clever-name'.
    1. bot server: ''.
  3. bot openAsMorph.
  4. from the morph click on the "connect" button
    1. graphically thru the IRCMorph. As if you were using it as a regular IRC client (you could even start talking to people just like normal if you wanted to)
    2. leave the bot alone from Squeak, and have it join thru prompt messages

2) from the outside, headlessly

Here is an example with the defaults that I already set in the IRCBot code:

squeak.exe -headless ircbot.image nick–>oi fullName–>JediKnightOi userName–>oi server–>
port–>6667 channel–>#scood

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