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Last updated at 6:41 pm UTC on 8 March 2017
Class comment:

I am a very flexible star..

Grab me from the supplies flap or from the graphic objects.
Add my handles and you can move and resize me.
The up and down arrows increase or reduce the number of my sides.
The right and left arrows cycle thru different amounts of pointiness.

Use the arrows right and left of my center or get stars with a specific amount of pointyness. The left side goes from fat to thin and then cycles around again. The right goes from thin to fat. Hold down the shift key if you wish to stop the cycling at the extremes.

Use the arrows up and down to change the number of sides if you would like a different number of points.

To add or remove just one side hold the shift key down as you use the arrows or use the menu items for that purpose.

If you add or remove just one point I will have an odd number of sides. When that happens I can only look like a regular polygon. The right and left arrows will have no effect. Add or remove just one more side and you can shift drag the outer handle or use the arrows to restore my pointiness.

That was too complicated. It is gone. You can get regular polygon shapes by adjusting my pointiness. For example the extreme of a five pointed star is a dodecahedron (10 sided regular polygon) and one step less extreme is a pentagon (5 sided regular polygon).

At some time you will probably shift drag the outer handle thru the center handle.
While I looked round as you shrunk me, I will look very much like an asterisk as you pull me away. What happens is that inside bend shrunk on the way down because it can never be larger than the outer point (or it wouldn't be the innerbend would it).
But on the way out it is perfectly happy to remain small. So I look like an asterisk.

To fatten me up (if you haven't already figured this out by fooling around) hold the shift down an move the outer handle towards the center (but not quite all the way) then let the shift up and move the outer handle away. A couple of cycles like this and I'll be looking fat and jolly again. Or you can now just use the right arrow to make me fatter.

This is also the reason I don't let the inside bend get larger than the outer point.
If I did the same process that fattened me when I was an asterisk would also grow an asterisk so large squeak would complain about not having enough memory.

Historical note:

The former star had two bugs that are fixed here.
The outer handle now no longer jumps from one point to another.
The other bug prevented some higher order stars from looking right.
Which is why the former star didn't allow you to change the number of points.