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What's the convention for referring to selectors in messages?
Last updated at 8:35 am UTC on 15 January 2016
Question: What's the convention for referring a selector?


From: Vanessa Freudenberg Sent: Fri Dec 5, 2003 10:45 am

Actually, the convention is to use
without the hash mark. This can be verified by selecting ">>" and pressing Ctrl-E.
[You will see lots of messages formatted this way.]

In 1999 some guy [BF?] decided it would be neat if this was valid Smalltalk and added
to class Behavior as a shortcut for

Of course, this requires you to use a Symbol as parameter, hence the #. So you can actually do a print-it on
in a workspace and the CompiledMethod for that method is returned.

[That's because]
can be passed (a symbol), and
So Yes,
is a valid Smalltalk expression and
is not.