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Last updated at 2:11 pm UTC on 9 May 2018
(2004 or earlier)

 ScrollPane subclass: #GeeMailMorph
	instanceVariableNames: 'theTextMorph thePasteUp'
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
	category: 'MorphicExtras-GeeMail'

GeeMail is a scrolling playfield with a text morph (typically on the left) and room on the right for other morphs to be placed. The morphs on the right can be linked to text selections on the left so that they remain positioned beside the pertinent text as the text is reflowed. Probably the best thing is and example and Alan will be making some available soon.

addGeeMailMenuItemsTo: menu

	self flag: #convertToBook.	"<-- no longer used"
		addUpdating: #showPageBreaksString action: #togglePageBreaks;
		addUpdating: #keepScrollbarString action: #toggleKeepScrollbar;
		add: 'Print...' translated action: #printPSToFile;
	thePasteUp allTextPlusMorphs size = 1 ifTrue: [
		menu add: 'make 1-column book' translated selector: #makeBookStyle: argument: 1.
		menu add: 'make 2-column book' translated selector: #makeBookStyle: argument: 2.
		menu add: 'make 3-column book' translated selector: #makeBookStyle: argument: 3.
		menu add: 'make 4-column book' translated selector: #makeBookStyle: argument: 4.
	] ifFalse: [
		menu add: 'make a galley of me' translated action: #makeGalleyStyle.