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Last updated at 4:27 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
I've built a tiny MIDIJukeBox to play MIDI files on my synthesizer while I work. It's at http://guzdial.cc.gatech.edu/st/MIDIJukeBox.st.

You put a bunch of MIDI filenames in a file called playlist in your Squeak directory, then tell [MIDIJukeBox startPlaying] fork. When you want it to stop, do MIDIJukeBox stopPlaying.

Betaware as of 12/2/98, but I'm trying it, so maybe I'll find the bugs first :-)

1/14/99 – latest version is at http://guzdial.cc.gatech.edu/st/Jukebox.st.

We're using it for our Cooperative Radio (see http://guzdial.cc.gatech.edu:8080/squeakers.47), so this version expects to find a page named 'playlist' in a Swiki named 'Jukebox'. You'll need to tweak this for other uses. Mark Guzdial