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Magma Supported Classes
Last updated at 1:04 pm UTC on 15 January 2017
Generically, Magma supports all four types of Squeak objects:

Fixed objects with named variables
Variable objects with indexed variables
Variable byte objects
Variable word objects

However, several kinds of objects require some additional handling which is provided by the hooks in Ma object serialization.

Supported classes

The objects supported by Magma is largely determined by the objects supported by its underlying serialization framework.

And globals such as Smalltalk are serialized and materialized "by name reference". These kinds of object make use of various serialization hooks such as pre and post-processing, transient variables, and storage objects.

Supported classes:

The following is not an exhaustive list of supported classes, just a partial list of classes that are known to be used in existing applications.


The following kinds of objects should get special scrutiny; they have not been tested.